Rose by Any Other Name (The Sisters, Texas Series, Book 10) by Becki Willis – Review by Angela Hayes

Rose by Any Other Name (The Sisters, Texas #10)Rose by Any Other Name by Becki Willis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4 ½ Stars

A Rose By Any Other Name is Book #10 in The Sister, Texas Mystery series by Becki Willis. This is another wonderful cosy mystery to add to the already fantastic series- but you don’t have to read the whole series in order to appreciate this book, as it can easily be read as a standalone.
The story is a tightly woven and very intriguing cozy murder mystery, with a wonderful cast of characters, crime, investigation, drama, suspense, and more.
Things heat up when a mysterious newcomer arrives in town, who soon gets tongues wagging, but not in the way you might imagine. But in a “is that a body?” kind of way. Then Maddy makes a disturbing discovery- and the mystery begins.
Really well written, with all the ingredients you expect from a great mystery. I am really enjoying exploring this superb series!

Thank you, Becki Willis!


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