Pharaoh’s Forgery (Karina Cardinal Mysteries Book 4) by Ellen Butler – Review by Erica Fish

Pharaoh's Forgery (Karina Cardinal Mystery Book 4)Pharaoh’s Forgery by Ellen Butler
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This series gets better with every story. This is not my first book and it will not be my last book. This book is a fast pace adventure. There are twists and turns around every page turned. It is well written and the plotline is an adventure. Karina finds herself going to Mexico to drop off a package. It was supposed to be a vacation, but it turns into chaos. Karina always has mishaps with the plans she lays down. This book brings in some Egyptian history, which makes this package even more interesting. You will have to read to see what happens to Karina in this adventure as she always has with everything she does.

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