Secure Again (Chase Security Series #2) by R.L. Dunn – Review by Angela Hayes

Secure Again (Chase Security Series Book 2)Secure Again by R.L. Dunn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Secure Again is the second book in the Chase Security series by R.L Dunn. It is a second chance romance- with suspense, intrigue, mystery, danger, hidden agendas, chemistry, and high stakes.
Dr. Elizabeth Reed is a surgeon who has noticed a number of disturbing injuries stemming from the local prison. She is determined to find out what is going on.
Martin Bailey is the CEO of Chase Security International- is drawn into the mystery through his brother (a police officer) and the investigation he was conducting. But Martin and Elizabeth also have a past relationship- and soon old feelings are bubble to the surface, adding to the already charged situation. With a complicated web to untangle, there is no time to spare if they are to figure it all out before anyone else dies.
There was a lot going on and a lot of characters to keep track of, too. Making for an intense read.
Bring on Book #3!

Thank you, R.L Dunn!


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