Secure Again (Chase Security Series #2) by R.L. Dunn – Review by Karyn Taylor

Secure Again (Chase Security Series Book 2)Secure Again by R.L. Dunn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Secure Again is the 2nd book in the fantastic Chase Security series by R.L. Dunn. Dunn was new to me when I started reading this series but I’m sure I will continue to read their work as this series has been excellent so far. Each of the books in this series can be read as a standalone but I would advise starting from the first book and reading them all in order. This is more relevant when reading the third book (which I’ve just started) as there is some mention of what had gone on before in book 2, I also advise this purely as this is a fantastic series and I think that others would have a great deal of enjoyment from reading all of the books.
At just under 500 pages this is quite a long book but it is fast paced and very action packed and will have you totally engrossed and not want to put this book down. There is so much danger, mystery and intrigue that totally grabs you from the get do and just doesn’t let you go.
I absolutely adored the 2 main characters in this book, Martin and Elizabeth, and was totally invested in their story. This is a second chance romance for them and they totally deserve a HEA but the author does not let this come easily for them. They are both really put through the mill on the way.
I only have 1 thing about this book that is a very slight negative. There is a very large cast of characters and I found myself at times struggling to remember who were the ‘good guys’ and who were the ‘bad guys’. It’s a very minor issue and certainly did not reduce my enjoyment of this book.

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