The Crocodile Makes No Sound (The Lord Hani Mysteries Book 2) by N.L. Holmes – Review by Jennifer Gordon

The Crocodile Makes No Sound (Lord Hani Mysteries #2)The Crocodile Makes No Sound by N.L. Holmes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a long novel but the storyline flows along at a good pace and is full of drama and mystery and I was disappointed when I had finished it. This is book two in a series and we are back with Egyptian diplomat Hani. As I learnt from book one Lord Hani was an actual person although the storyline is fictional. It can be read as a standalone story but readers will understand Hani’s backstory better if you read the series. Again Hani makes a great main character, he is well defined and relatable as well as likeable and he really brings the plot together.  This story takes place in Egypt during the period known as the New Kingdom.
The time period is around 1346 BCE, and it’s now four years into the solo reign of Akhenaten’s solo reign and his religious ‘reforms’ are causing widespread dissatisfaction. This is especially true amongst those that practiced the old religion of Amen-Ra. Our hero Hani, is already under the kings watchful eye due to the disappearance of his Amen priest brother in law. Hani then gets drawn into an investigation involving the blackmailing of the ‘Beloved Royal Wife’. Complicating things further for Hani is the new vassal king of A’amu, who is being lodged at Hani’s house whilst waiting for the king to grant him an audience. The problem is Hani’s house guest is not proving to be very loyal to the new king. Hani is aware of his own oath to the king but must also follow his conscience.
Reading this novel I felt completely immersed in the story due to the authors wonderfully detailed descriptions of both the characters and the setting, so much so I felt I could be in ancient Egypt. The authors knowledge and research shines through, all wrapped up in a great murder mystery thriller. The historical notes, list of characters and glossary of terms and places are all very fascinating and helpful especially being at the beginning of the book as this makes it easy to refer back to if needed. I was hooked from start to finish and I enjoyed the cosy mystery element of the story which kept me guessing until the end of the novel. I look forward to further books in this series.

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