CAFE CONFIDENTIAL: An unfiltered and intimate memoir by Lynda Filler – Review by Elizabeth Sanchez

CAFE CONFIDENTIAL: An unfiltered and intimate memoirCAFE CONFIDENTIAL: An unfiltered and intimate memoir by Lynda Filler
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Cafe Confidential: an unfiltered and intimate memoir is not something I would normally read. It is the first I have read by Lynda Filler, but it sounded interesting. It is written in an auto biographical format, in recent years (she talks about Covid toward the end). The author tells her story of how she sold everything and travelled the world. She tells us of the events leading up to it, as well as people she meets along the way. That alone is what pulled me in. The intrigue to read what would make someone sell everything and live out of a suitcase while travelling the middle east. Where did she go, what did she see, who did she meet. While I don’t know most of the places, it was fascinating to read this non-fiction story. She talks about her other books within this memoir, and I want to try one to see how it is. Her writing style is good. It draws you in and make you want to learn about this complete stranger. She is brutally honest and holds nothing back. She isn’t a famous icon, so who cares? Right? Wrong. Its such an interesting story and she shares pictures and facts about people she meets and relationships. There is a lot of insight and makes you reconsider your own life. It is a great story and I recommend it, even if you don’t normally read this sort of book. I don’t, but I’m glad I did.

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