THAT UNEXPECTED KISS (Kissed By Fate Book 2) By Tamara Ferguson – Review By Jennifer Gordon

That Unexpected Kiss (Kissed By Fate, #)That Unexpected Kiss by Tamara Ferguson
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Book two in Ferguson’s ‘Kissed by Fate’ series and although set in the same magical place of Crystal Rock and with some characters who cross over this can be read as a standalone story, however having read and enjoyed book one I would recommend reading that as well. A heartwarming romance set in a small town the plot also has plenty of drama, suspense, and mystery as well as dealing with some darker issues such as murder and human trafficking, all of which had me hooked from start to finish. At the heart of the storyline is a second chance at love romance between Dylan and Julie. Fate bought them together in Crystal Rock when FBI Agent Dylan Nash was working undercover as a game warden and met Julie Thompson a special education teacher. The pair have instant chemistry and are mutually attracted to each other but not only is Dylan undercover but Julie is involved with another man and is working in Colorado. Although they become friends whilst Julie is visiting her hometown she is upset when her best friend Kate turns up dating Dylan. They both move on and Julie returns to Colorado but a few years later she is back permanently in Crystal Rock working as a teacher at a new school for children with disabilities, Crystal Visions.

With both Dylan and Julie back in the same place again maybe fate had not finished with them. Dylan finally confesses his feelings for Julie as the couple learn that a series of misunderstandings have kept them apart, including his apparent past relationship with Kate. Claiming Julie with an ‘Unexpected Kiss ’, neither can deny their chemistry. As well as working undercover Dylan is also searching for his fathers killer as he wants justice, also twenty years ago Julie’s mother disappeared and she’s always wanted answers. When clues link her mother’s disappearance with the man who shot Dylan’s father, Dylan has to protect Julie and keep her safe from a vicious predator.

This had a enjoyable storyline with plenty going on in the plot to get involved in and keep me happily turning the pages. I was gripped by the underlying mysteries of Dylan’s fathers murder and Julies mother’s disappearance and this added an extra depth to the story as a whole. The characters are likeable and relatable and due to the authors wonderfully detailed descriptions the setting of Crystal Rock really comes alive and I felt fully immersed in the place whilst reading this novel, great escapism. A fabulous second book in this exciting and romantic series and I look forward to the next book in the ‘Kissed by Fate’ series.

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