The Queen’s Dog (An Empire at Twilight Novel) by N.L. Holmes – Review by Angela Hayes

The Queen's DogThe Queen’s Dog by N.L. Holmes
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3 1/2 Stars

The Queen’s Dog is the third book in the Empire at Twilight series by N.L Holmes. This is a very detailed and descriptive historical crime story- a bit of a mystery- with enough drama and interesting developments to keep things interesting.
I have read most of Ms. Holmes’ books now and am always quite taken with the rich historical details she infuses into her stories. As with the other book of Ms. Holmes that I have read, the authors passion for history is very evident in her writing and this passion definitely added to my enjoyment of the story.
As with her other books, this story is a fascinating blend of fiction and historical fact, which is woven into quite an intriguing story. This time, the story is set in a Bronze Age Syrian kingdom called Ugarit- and the age, characters, and storyline come to life with Ms. Holmes vivid detailing.
I found this book to be a little slow to get going, which made it hard for me to ‘get into’- but when the pace picked up and the story developed, things got more interesting.
This book is told from Naheshi’s point of view- he happens to be the Queen’s slave, and a eunuch- which also added an extra element of interest to the story.
So, if you love ancient history and original stories with interesting settings and characters- as well as historical crime fiction, then you will probably want to add this to you TBR.
Happy Reading!

Thank you, N.L Holmes!


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