A Merry Texan Christmas (The Prentice Brothers of Sweet Ridge Book 3) by Nicole Flockton – Review by Angela Shirley

A Merry Texan Christmas (Prentice Brothers of Sweet Ridge Book 3)A Merry Texan Christmas by Nicole Flockton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When Trey retired from professional baseball, would he ever dream to move back home and buy a bookstore, but that’s exactly what he did. But will his Christmas display put a certain “Miss Christmas” nose out of joint.

Trey is looking at retiring from Professional Baseball but what can he do, until one day he spots they old bookstore in his home town and instantly knows that’s it. As he is getting things ready, he decides to get into the christmas spirit as the whole town decorate for a wonderful christmas scene. Trey then decorates his shop and the whole town comes out and is talking about it his wonderful display, but there is one person who’s not happy and that’s Maggie who always has the best decorations and is called in the town “Miss Christmas”.

Maggie has always loved christmas it is a magical time of the year, but this year maybe a bit different she has competition i the form of an ex-baseball player and Maggie is not happy when his display is the only thing the town can talk about, can she swallow her pride and enjoy the christmas spirit.

I loved this series, I have read all the Prentice brother’s stories and too be honest Trey’s was my favourite. I loved the way Maggie and Trey interacted throughout the book with the banter and the chemistry between the two of them. The story as always was well written and loved the way the relationship grew through the book, from a enemy to lover scenario was brilliant. Also, I loved the way the other brothers came into the story and you see the family relationship grow which was lovely.

I would recommend this series to anyone, the books are easy to read and the characters are well developed and lovely.

Reviewed by Angela Shirley

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