Blood of the Dragon (Relic Hunters Book 4) by Martin Ferguson

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Blood of the Dragon (Relic Hunters Book 4) by Martin Ferguson
Genre – YA, Adventure
Page Count – 316
Cover Designer – Thomas Roberts – Zoom Illustration
An urgent plea for help leads Adam Hunter and the Relic Hunters to the ruins of Poenari Castle in Romania. In the former home of the most infamous mass-murderer in history, Vlad the Impaler, they find that history and myth collide more than ever before.
As their actions lead to the return of an evil long-thought banished to the pages of fiction, Adam and his team soon find that they are not the hunters, but the hunted. The darkness pursues them across the globe and nowhere, not even the British Museum itself, is safe.
One by one they fall until only Adam remains, facing the horrifying wrath of the Blood of the Dragon alone. Can he save his friends and survive the greatest fight of his life or has Adam’s luck finally run out?


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Martin Ferguson – I live in Norwich, England and am currently working on the young adult adventure and historical series ‘Relic Hunters’. Inspired by the myths and legends my parents told me as a boy and with the help of my ever-suffering wife, a teacher and history graduate, ‘Eagle of the Empire’ was the first entry in the ‘Relic Hunters’ series.

 When not writing, I am training or at least planning my next challenge. Following a serious knee injury, I was told by surgeons never to run or play sports again. Stubborn and reckless, much like the characters in my writing, I have not listened and have completed the Three Peaks Challenge, the Great North Run, the Greater Manchester Marathon and the London Marathon.

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