Bonds That Beckon (Daughters of Anubis Book 1) by Kelli Kimble – Review by Lisa Helmick

Bonds that Beckon (Daughters of Anubis, #1)Bonds that Beckon by Kelli Kimble
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book is different in a lot of ways. It is has with ancient creatures, small minded townsfolk, it’s set in the sixties and has a guy who talks craziness. This has a bit of real-ness mixed with the unbelievable.

I am shocked the main character bought into everything so easily. She is a hard worker and seems smart. New kid in a new unforgiving town. I could see the attachment to Mr Anu. I loved the connection between the parents and daughter. Very believable. The soul mate connection was very hard to swallow. I felt no frozen moments. Just one day…poof…mated.

Overall I liked the whole small town problem here. That was great and made me wonder what would happen next. The rest fell short for me. Sorry.

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