Be Brave with Me (Finding Love in Green Springs Book 1) AUDIO BOOK by CA Miconi – Review by Liz Vrchota

Be Brave With Me (Finding Love In Green Springs Book 1)Be Brave With Me by J.B. Havens
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I am so lucky to have found this novel by CA Miconi and JB Havens, both new to me authors that I have got to do some more reading/listening of in the very near future! I loved this novel and how well it flowed and created this little town and characters that I found it very hard to deny myself the love for. I was only going to listen to a few chapters in the morning before some errands and ended up not. I had to listen to this novel in one go because I just couldn’t pull myself away. The hardest part of the book was the ending because I just could never get enough of this. I found solace in the fact this is book one of a series and I am so excited to see what other love stories we get from Green Springs.

Meg has been running hard, long, and fast from the past demons of her life when she stumbles into the town of Green Springs and smack dab into the life of Drew. Both of these people have a delicate and sad past that has made them the people they are today. Drew sees the pain in Meg’s eyes the moment he meets her and he wants so badly to help heal the brokenness she feels. He will need her to ‘be brave’ with him and trust him enough to stay and try. But Meg has a deep and long past and trust and bravery are not her strong suit because of it. Will she be able to be brave and stay? Can these two be the pieces they need to put themselves back together? For that and the beautiful story these two have you will have to trust me and one click this novel today! You won’t be sad you took a trip to Green Springs. I can’t wait to go back!

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