Dreaming of Christmas: 5 complete, sweet holiday romances by Joanne Dannon – Review by Amanda Kimble

Dreaming of ChristmasDreaming of Christmas by Joanne Dannon
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Dreaming of Christmas: 5 complete, sweet holiday romances by Joanne Dannon

Dannon has given us five holiday stories. A Magical Christmas in Jerusalem, Another Magical Christmas in Jerusalem, Christmas Kiss New Year Wish, Christmas Kiss in London, and Christmas Kiss: But only for the holidays. The first reads by Joanne.

A Magical Christmas in Jerusalem

Kiara is coming to Jerusalem for a Christmas tour with her grandmother. When her grandmother says she’ll meet the love of her life Kiara is unsure. She runs into her tour guide and sparks fly. The quote I choose for Kiara is: “Do you know how much I’m eating? Everything tastes so good, I won’t be able to fit in my jeans.”

Jacques and his family run a tour guide company. He wasn’t expecting to fall in love. He wasn’t expecting for a tourist to capture his heart. He knows she’s the one. The quote I chose for Jacques is: “Bien sur. Of course. But what I don’t know is you. We’ve talked for hours but I hardly know anything about you. Tell me, Kiara, why did you come here? Was it to have a magical Christmas in Jerusalem?”

Another Magical Christmas in Jerusalem

Lucie is the youngest sister of Jacques. She is heart broken and wants to set it right. She meets Kiara’s friend and finds that she likes him. The quote I choose for Lucie is: “It may seem old-fashioned but it’s what I want. And I thought you might be the one. And it may seem silly that I’m twenty-nine and hoping to be swept off my feet by the right guy, but I am.”

Tom comes to Jerusalem for Kiara’s wedding. He’s also there for his sister. He never wanted kids or a family. Things change when he meets Lucie. The quote I chose for Tom is: “Even if only a few want to change, I can put them on the right path, so they can grow up and become good men.”

Christmas Kiss; New Year Wish

Taylor loves everything vintage. She also loves her best friend. When a kiss changes everything will they be the same? She wants to be with him, but is scared. The quote I choose for Taylor is: “He was shocked, truly shocked. His mouth opened but no words came out. He loves me as a friend, and if that’s all I’m going to get, then I have to accept it. I just hope he still wants me in his life.”

Luca has no clue his bestie is in love with him. Being in America for two years has made him realize how much he misses his family. The quote I chose for Luca is: “I came to see your shop and then take you for lunch. This place is smaller than it looks in the photos you sent me but you’ve done an impressive job.”

Christmas Kiss in London

Amber has been missing her bestie who now lives in America. She befriends someone online after sending him a friend request she forgot to delete. When they start chatting things change. Can she find her happily ever after? The quote I choose for Amber is: “I know. But I’ve never had a lot of friends, and I was scared to travel on my own. If I analyse myself, I would say that my parent’s lack of acceptance of me and my work made me feel inadequate. If they’d encouraged me, perhaps I would’ve had the confidence to see all of this sooner.”

Darcy is a stuntman and loves what he does. He doesn’t see himself settling down. His career is important to him. When he gets a friend request from Amber he learns that he wants more. The quote I chose for Darcy is: “You most certainly will not. He shags every woman he can. I don’t want to hear about him going after you.”

Christmas Kiss: but only for the hoildays

Jenna is a model who doesn’t want kids. She soon learns that things can change for the better. She learns how to be a better daughter, a better sister and a better friend. The quote I chose for Jenna is: “It sounds silly but it is easier prancing around in next to nothing on a stage, because I’m acting. Sharing feelings, talking from the heart…it’s not really me.”

Leo is career driven and wants a family. He also needs a fake girlfriend. He goes to a friend for help, but will it turn to more? The quote I chose for Leo is “My parents reminded me that families come in different shapes and sizes. And I know that you won’t change your mind on having a baby the traditional way, and I’m not going to ask you to do something you don’t want to do. A baby is a lifetime commitment. It’s hard work. So, I have a compro‐ mise. Can you consider adopting or fostering a teen? But we’ll be doing it together. Not now. But maybe in a few years?”

Highly recommended for Sweet Romance lovers

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