Secure Boxed Set: Chase Security Series Books 1-3 by R.L. Dunn – Review by Karyn Taylor

Secure Boxed Set (Chase Security #1-3)Secure Boxed Set by R.L. Dunn
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Have you ever wished you could erase your memory of reading a book or set of books so you could read them again for the first time and get hit with all those feels for the first time? Well, that’s how I feel about the books in the Secure Boxed Set by R.L. Dunn. Bafore reading the books in this box set I had never read any of R.L. Dunn’s work but these books have made me completely fall in love with her writing.
The Secure Boxed Set contains the 3 full length novels that are:
Secure Desire – Ian and Cassie’s story
Secure Again – Martin and Elizabeth (Beth)’s story
Secure Heart – Julian and Holly’s story.

All three of these books completely gripped me from the very beginning, took me on the most amazing roller coaster journey before spitting me out at the very end wondering what the hell I’d just gone through.

If I had to pick a favourite, which is a very, very difficult job as I absolutely adores all three books and all 3 couples, I’d have to pick Secure Heart for one main reason. That reason being that adorable little girl Sadie who totally stole my heart (and Julian’s). Holly’s sick little girl had me in tears so many times. Yeah, I‘d better add a tissues needed warning for this particular book. This little girls outlook on life (and her own possible death) will totally tear at your heartstrings.

In addition to being romance novels, these books are so much more. The danger, intrigue, drama and action with have you totally gripped and not wanting to put these books down.

This is a MUST read boxed set!!

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