Secure Boxed Set: Chase Security Series Books 1-3 by R.L. Dunn – Review by Sheri Schrader

Secure Boxed Set (Chase Security #1-3)Secure Boxed Set by R.L. Dunn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Secure Boxed Set: Chase Security Series by R.L. Dunn includes books 1-3 in a single package. The books included are Secure Desire, Secure Again, and Secure Heart. I always enjoy seeing a box set available from a good author. If you enjoy one from a series you will most likely enjoy reading more from the series. These are all good books and I enjoyed them all.
Secure Desire: I was drawn in because Cassiopeia, the main female character, has a history of being an art historian. Also, what a fantastic name. Ian is at the head of a private security firm after serving in Afghanistan. The two had met years before and have been brought back together. Ian will do anything to protect Cassiopeia. I was reading to find out how an art historian had gotten herself into so much danger. I really enjoyed the story and the characters and hope to see more of them in future books. This has a little bit of something for anyone who likes a good suspense book.
Secure Again: This is a continuation of the first book, so I highly recommend reading book one in the series first. This story focuses on Dr. Elizabeth Reed, who notices a mysterious medical issue at the jail, and Martin Bailey, CEO of Chase Security International, who has his own investigations ongoing. This is a good story that is full of suspense, mystery, and romance. I was drawn into the story and wanted to keep reading to find out what was going on for Dr. Reed and Martin’s cases. I liked there were separate stories, but they intertwined.
Secure Heart: This book focuses on Julian Dupart, the new head of the San Diego branch, and Holly Dupree Morrison. These stories have thrills, mystery, romance, and more to them. I have enjoyed how the series draws the attention to a different couple in each story, while you still get to see the ones from past books. I really enjoyed the character of Holly and how she will fight for her daughter no matter the danger.

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