Athalie (Sacrificial Chronicles Book 1) by Jordan Elizabeth – Review by Erica Fish

Athalie (Sacrificial Chronicles Book 1)Athalie by Jordan Elizabeth
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jordan Elizabeth is a newer author to me and I have enjoyed her writing style. Athalie is a YA fantasy with adventure, drama, challenges, and the fate of the world. Her plotline is energetic, lively, and keeps you on your toes. The characters are fully developed and engage you in the story. Athalie is a village girl who has been chosen to be the yearly sacrifice. (Now with that being said, doesn’t this story capture your attention?) The gods have decided that the emperor needs to be stopped. There has been a weapon in the emperor’s arsenal. The problem is that it will destroy their world. The gods resurrected Athalie to search for talismans to help with the emperor’s weapon. One little problem, if Athalie dies while on this quest she will not be resurrected again. I highly recommend this book and I will warn you that you may read it in one sitting so make sure you have everything you need. I cannot wait to see what is coming up for Jordan Elizabeth.

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