Crave (Clark Family Series) by Evelyn Sola – Review by Tracy Wilkin

Crave (Clark Family Series Book 1)Crave by Evelyn Sola
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Crave is book one in the Clark Family series by Evelyn Sola. I was inquisitive from the very first moment I laid eyes on this book. Then my desire for more became insatiable the further I got into the story. The author sated my appetite for perfection with this amazing, emotional and soul deep love story. Crave had every emotion imaginable and then more. It had just more everything. This story was about captivation from the very moment Sandra and Jacob set gazes on one another. The story was about not looking for love and finding it at the most unexpected moment. It was about betrayal, family, friendship and forgiveness. Anticipation was a feeling I was very familiar with while on this journey with the Clark Family. Jacob and Sandra were from totally different worlds, yet despite their different upbringing and lives, formed such a connection, that it makes my heart so full just reliving their journey. Their love was endless and absolute. Their struggles and differences just made me fall for them more. They fought for each other. They fought with each other. They conquered their world together. I absolutely loved each characteristic of every player in the game, and cannot wait for more in this series. Evelyn Sola’s deliverance of this unforgettable love story is commendable. I applaud you, dear author, as you have given me as a reader a special gift, and it’s one I will never forget. 5 stars.

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