Don’t Worry, I Still Hate You by Marie Skye – Review by Melissa Agena

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What a great short story! Don’t Worry, I Still Hate you is a story written by Marie Skye. I just absolutely love this author! In this story, which I wish was longer by the way, we meet Perrie and Ash. These two have known each other since they were in high school. By mere chance, they reconnected in Las Vegas while Perrie was at a Bachelorette party! Perrie thought that this was the last time they would see each other, however fate had a different plan. Perrie needed a roommate and posted an ad about it. Low and behold, who shows up? Ash! This was an awesome story with lots of steamy moments as well as lots of comedy. These two characters have a lot of great chemistry and balanced each other very well. Like I said earlier, I wished this story was longer but it was great nonetheless. It was definitely a story that I could not put down! I can’t wait to read more from Marie Skye!

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