Isle of Wings by E.A. Burnett – Review by Jennifer Wolbeck

Isle of Wings: A Silverglen Companion NovelIsle of Wings: A Silverglen Companion Novel by E.A. Burnett
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was an enjoyable mature YA fantasy. The world building and soft magic system were convincing and interesting to learn about. There were enough recycled elements that the world of the Isle of Wings felt familiar, but the numerous cultures, economies and magical creatures and users, combined with good pacing and writing, made this novel unique. The story also would not have worked if the main character, Roana, wasn’t successful. Thankfully, I liked her spunk and active approach to dealing with her problems in life. I didn’t find Iniko, her companion and love interest, as interesting, but I did enjoy his goal of becoming an independent ship master. If you’re concerned about the maturity warning, the cursing is indeed mild and the sexual situations are not explicit and aren’t dwelt upon. I am looking forward to E.A. Burnett’s other novel, Silverglen.

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