A Sun So Bright (Reigning Hearts, Book Three) AUDIO BOOK by KG Fletcher – Review by Jenique Bornman

It just goes to show you, the saying “never judge a book by its cover” is so true. In this case it’s a character.
When K.G. Fletcher introduced us to Fiona in the first installment of the Reigning Hearts series, as Thomas Capshaw’s girlfriend, I absolutely hated her. BUT when I started listening to A Sun So Bright the depths of Fiona’s character was revealed and I fell in love with her.
Chris on the other hand….. INSTA-LOVE

This was again a superb book in the Reigning Hearts series and as the series develops so does K.G. Fletcher’s writing.
Again her talent as a narrator also brought extra heart to the book.
Can’t wait to read more.

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