At All (The Adams Brothers Book 3) by Mindy McKinley – Review by Kerry Carr

At All (Adams Brothers, #3)At All by Mindy McKinley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the 3rd book in the Adams Brother’s series.I loved all these stories. I love how the brothers are single and proud and all it takes is one woman to change that and change them for the better. In this book we follow the youngest brother Sebastian Adams.
With his two brother’s happily settled down and his mum due to remarry Sebastian realises just how lonely he is.

However when he makes an alcohol infused mistake that leads him to rehab he has to give up his old life style. That means no touring with his band, no drinking and no women.

He seems fine with that after all music is his passion and if no women means he can get back touring with his band then so be it.
That is until he meets Maelie.

Maelie is a teacher at the store where Sebastian is now working. After a bumpy start between them and a few arguments over noise their attraction becomes too much to bear.

One kiss is all it takes to turn Sebastian world upside down. Should he be entertaining entertaining idea of being with Maelie? How can a woman be more addictive to him that alcohol? Can he be the type of man to have a relationship with a women like his brothers do?

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