Beckoned (Born of Darkness Book 1) by R. B. Fields

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Beckoned (Born of Darkness Book 1) by R. B. Fields
Genre – Paranormal romance, erotic romance, vampire romance
Page Count – 216 pages
Sexy vampires with attitudes, a strong female hunter who holds the key to their demise, and a vampire race who knows her very life is a threat. Things would be easier if she didn’t love them.
By day, I’m an emergency room nurse—normal enough. By night, I stalk the streets, hunting serial killers that the police can’t seem to catch. Less normal, but way more fun in a twisted kinda way…until one of those serial killers turns out to be a freaking vampire. The only thing standing between me and certain death is a handsome stranger who also happens to come with fangs.
Twisted or not, even I didn’t see that one coming.
But vampires aren’t supposed to kill their own, and worse, my new friend did it for a human—it won’t be long until the dead vampire’s clan catches up to us. And though his hive of motorcycle riding alpha warriors each come with their own merits, not all four are friendly—some would rather throw me to our enemies than help me. It makes them especially nervous that their powers don’t seem to work when I’m nearby. But it soon becomes clear that we’ll need each other to get out of this alive.
Are my fighting skills any match for the supernatural? Can my hive of monsters defend me, and themselves, against the wrath of a species already on the verge of extinction? Why am I so drawn to all of them?
And why choose just one?
The Born of Darkness series is high heat reverse harem paranormal romance that features one badass female hunter, her four fated vampire mates, and provocative MFMMM scenes.


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R.B. Fields is a clinical therapist turned dark romance author and has never shied away from the multitude of ways couples can enhance their experiences. She is currently using this knowledge to write about the rich tapestry of fantasy that women enjoy but don’t often discuss. She believes in healing, health, and girl power. She’d do a lot for a Klondike bar, but only for people who would never imply that she should “smile more” as if her main purpose in life is to be sexy for them. She’d frankly rather be eaten by a vampire … in every sense of that phrase. Learn more on!




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