Capturing Fate by Abbie Roads – Review by Dani Dando

Capturing Fate (Fatal Truth, #2)Capturing Fate by Abbie Roads
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Daughter Dawson is a psychologist who knows very little about her past, being adopted when she was younger with the express rule that she keep the name Daughter, (which if you ask me is a really crappy name, but there you go, she’s stuck with it for the rest of her life) she is at a loss as to where she came from and who her parents are. Quite early on, however, the bombshell of all bombshells is dropped in Daughter’s lap and literally blows her world apart, her father happens to be a serial killer.
Dolan (I don’t know what it is with the D names but hey, just gotta roll with it) is an interesting character, dealing with a lot of dark and horrible crap in his past that has left him with some interesting coping mechanisms? I question because I assume that’s what they are. I won’t spoil it for all the readers out there – got to leave a little mystery and all that – but I thought the way that Roads wrote Dolan was really intriguing. Dolan works for the FBI and bodies have definitely been turning up, at least he is pretty sure that bodies are turning up, no one else around him seems as convinced. In light of this, its decided that maybe the best thing for him is to go seek some professional help for his apparent issue and that’s when Daughter and Dolan meet.
Obviously the first time they meet there is an instant connection and I’ve got to say that it kind of rankled me a little bit. The instant connection deal that is in most romance novels annoys me anyway, I get why it’s there and I know that other people enjoy it, but for me, it just feels daft and unearned. You can find someone attractive but the instant eye-meeting and being completely turned-on shenanigans that turns up quite a bit just doesn’t do it for me and in this book, I just felt that it really didn’t need it. Daughter and Dolan already have this really quite horrific things connecting them, drawing them together, and if felt that it was enough.
Still, I will say that this is an enjoyable read, I thought that the premise was really interesting and it did keep me hooked. Thought it was a compelling idea really, I mean how would you react if you found that a parent you had never known suddenly decided to turn up in your life and they were a serial killer. I think I’d find a nice little rock to hide under. For me the romance between Daught and Dolan was okay, but I felt like it took centre stage in the novel when it really didn’t need to, there were other elements that I wish Roads had focused on just a little bit more. Still, someone else who reads this may think the balance is just right and that the romance is needed. Tis just my opinion. I will say that, even with how I feel about the romance, it was well written, in fact, this whole book was well written. I didn’t actually realise till quite a way in that this was the second book in a series, I mean honestly, you really can’t tell, it does a grand job of standing alone. I may have to go back and read the first one though, just to see what I am missing out on. Would recommend this to romance and thriller lovers alike, this story has both in equal measure and will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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