Is This Me? (Being Me Book 1) by Tricia Copeland – Review by Bailey Stiles

Is This Me? (Being Me #1)Is This Me? by Tricia Copeland
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Amanda is off to college at her dream school. She is planning on focusing on school, but instead she meet Doug, a dreamy senior who she can’t avoid. She is drawn to him even as he tells her there’s nothing there.

This was a quick read. It was a clean coming of age story about a young woman finding herself and falling in love. I thought the author did a nice job of capturing the budding love between Amanda and Doug. I could understand Amanda’s avoidance of situations and it made sense how lack of communication caused so many problems in her life.

I was upset that the story didn’t end how I wanted it to. And I found Amanda hard to relate to and I wasn’t sure why everyone was so drawn to her. There were several times I grew frustrated with her. I wish we had gotten to know more about her friendships especially since some of the friends were supposed to have been life long friends. Doug was kind of boring and brooding and his indecisiveness made me tire of him quickly. They’re relationship didn’t seem like a particularly healthy example for young readers. However, I thought Tyler was fun and lovable, and I wanted so much more for his character. This is a guilty pleasure book and I will probably want to read the next one.

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