Moonlight and Belladonna: A Small Town Halloween Romance (Hartwood Holiday Romance) by Jae Dawson – Review by Angela Shirley

Moonlight and BelladonnaMoonlight and Belladonna by Jae Dawson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Bella is happily going through life, she is determined to make this year’s production the best it can be as her job is literally on the line, but in waltz’s a stranger from her past which she really wants to forget, but can she truly hate him.

Bella has lived her life with the regret of her one true love left to pursue a career in music which left her heart broken and determined to care for life. Roll forward and she is more than ever dedicated to her students and with the add pressure of her job if this year’s school production does not go well but in the midst of all this going on in her life, in he strolls like nothing has changed and can she hate him or will the past come full circle.

Cade is a rock legend, but when he returns to his hometown to say goodbye to someone he loved, can he recover and go back on the road. Cade then has some hard memories and decisions he needs to relive and recover.

I loved this story, it is full of what other people have said a Hallmark movie feels. The characters in this have a great chemistry which pulses off the page but what I love is that their relationship burns slowly at first and you get to truly know the characters. Each character has their fair share of angst and regrets which make them super relatable and I always think that those types of characters you could so easily have as friends. Although the main characters are well developed and written, the secondary characters also add an extra layer to the story and make it hard to put down once you have started reading.

This is the first book I have read by this author but I definitely would like to read more of the author and this series. If you enjoy a good romance with well written story and characters then this is a story for you.

Reviewed by Angela Shirley

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