Second Chance Spirit (Haunted Ever After Book 2) by Carrie Pulkinen – Review by Dani Dando

Second Chance Spirit: A Ghostly Paranormal Romance (Haunted Ever After #2)Second Chance Spirit: A Ghostly Paranormal Romance by Carrie Pulkinen
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So, this is the second installment in the Haunted Ever After series and I have to say that I fricken loved this one. Tina is just an amazing character who was my favourite in the first book, so I’m glad that she’s now back and is main protagonistic-ing it up in this one. As we all know, Tina is awesome at selling houses, in the first book she’d managed to sell a whopper of a place now though she has a bit of a challenge on her hands because the house that she has been asked to help sell is a bit on the creepy side. And when I say creepy, I really mean verging on Hill House levels of spooky. Another issue happens to be that the man he is helping sell the place, just so happens to be the same guy that she might have skipped out on when her feelings for him became a bit too real and scary.
Trent is his name and being a hot-shot lawyer and inheriting creepy mansions is his game. When he gets the old Victorian place from his Uncle, he can’t shake the feeling that there is something seriously wrong with it, getting a spooky vibe from it the moment he sets foot in the place. So he enlists the help of Tina and, while she’s super shocked to get such an invitation from him, reticent to dip her toe back into the scarily deep pool of emotions she felt for him before, she agrees.
I thought this was a great read, and all the simmering sexual tension between the two characters felt believable because of the history between them, and also because I have to say that Tina is an awesome character and wherever you stick her she just makes it better. This feels like the Pulkinen I’m used to and the Pulkinen I love and adore. A nice feisty, sure of herself protagonist with a dash of sexual tension and just all-around fun and giggles to tie it all together. I am looking forward to reading the next book, after this I honestly cannot wait.

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