Hook’s Little Mermaid (The Untold Stories BOOK 1) by Suzanna Lynn – Review by Dani Dando

Hook's Little MermaidHook’s Little Mermaid by Suzanna Lynn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was absolutely enthralled by this. I was a little worried as Peter Pan is one of my favourite stories from my childhood – the whole no-growing-up thing is something that I still live by – but this was just fantastic and there was honestly no way that I wasn’t falling in love with it.
Lynn takes Hook from being an out and out villain to a sympathetic character, who despite years of being programmed to hate the pirate, found myself rooting for him. I loved the way that Lynn took elements that everyone knows and loves from the classic tale and puts her own spin on it that makes something more magical than the original. I know, I can’t believe it myself and honestly, I feel like it’s sacrilege to even say it, but I don’t think I can go back to the original Peter Pan now without being forever changed by this book.
This is a fun read, that also has a depth to it that was wonderful to explore, anyone looking for a new and refreshing take on a beloved tale, this is perfect. I adored every second of it and cannot wait to read the next tale.

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