Loyalty & Lies (Spicetopia Book 6) by Phoebe Alexander – Review by Jennifer Gordon

Loyalty & LiesLoyalty & Lies by Phoebe Alexander
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is another enjoyable novel in Phoebe Alexander’s ‘Spicetopia’ series, “where variety is the spice of life”. Spicetopia is a theme park for adults where all your fantasies can be fulfilled. With plenty of spice and steamy scenes this is definitely meant for readers 18+. ‘Loyalty & Lies’ can be read as a standalone story but I think the reader would get more enjoyment by reading the previous books in the series as the couples do crossover, and the backstory to ‘Spicetopia’ is given in the earlier books. This storyline focuses on Calvin and Paisley Mitchell who not only have a baby on the way but are also celebrating their three year wedding anniversary. Calvin was a bit more reluctant to stay at the exclusive resort in the Bahamas, meant for adults only, than Paisley but once he’s there he enjoys himself. Paisley goes from being surprised but thrilled when Calvin gets into the spirit of ‘Spicetopia’ to worrying that something is very wrong and wondering if her husband may have been lying to her the whole time. Paisley and Calvin are both great characters and their chemistry really comes across in the story and leads to some steamy encounters. The storyline has plenty of plot twists that it kept me hooked from start to finish. A great mix of romance, drama and spice this was an engaging story and I look forward to further books based at ‘Spicetopia’.

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