Red’s Tangled Tale (The Untold Stories Book 2) by Suzanna Lynn – Review by Sherry Sharpnack

Red's Tangled Tale (The Untold Stories, #2)Red’s Tangled Tale by Suzanna Lynn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Red’s Tangled Tale” (Book #2 of “The Untold Stories” series) by Suzanna Lynn is a new look at the old tale of “Red Riding Hood,” and flips the fairy tale on its ear. “Red” is NOT a victim of the Big Bad Wolf in this tale; she is a strong, fierce heroine who helps feed her local village by entering the spooky Blakx Forest and hunting, including killing any of the ginormous wolves that inhabit the Forest, one of whom killed her father.
“Red’s” friend, Captain Jameson Shaw – aka “Captain Hook” – arrives in her village, apparently on a mission to find any aid possible in rescuing his friend, the Little Mermaid, from an evil witch, apparently a sister of King Neptune? He needs some ever-burning ash from the Blakx Forest – the very quest in which Red’s father died. Red leads Hook and some of his pirate companions into the Forest, but what does she find there? Do they succeed in their quest? What else does Red find in the Forest besides the “ash?” Is the white wolf more than it seems? I’d love to tell you, because I LOVED the addition of other fairy tale folks into the mix, but that would spoil a surprising twist in the tale, and I don’t want to include any spoilers.
Again, I loved the re-framing of the old fairy tale. I loved that Red was a strong heroine and that a pirate needed HER help, instead of HIS rescuing HER.
There were a couple of things I didn’t “love:” This book can definitely be read as a stand-alone, but I feel I would have understood more of the story if I had read Book #1 first, as it addresses how the Little Mermaid was captured. I also didn’t love the overuse of the verb “hissed.” Red and Captain Hook “hissed” a lot of their dialogue to one another, and in a couple of spots it was just glaringly misused. So since I liked the book a LOT, I’ll give it 4.4 stars, which unfortunately rounds down to 4.

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