The Mystery of the Lost Avenger by Linda Maria Frank – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

The Mystery of the Lost AvengerThe Mystery of the Lost Avenger by Linda Maria Frank
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Carol Wheeler receives a letter in the post from the NCIS to say that they have found a note in a plane which crashed in 1943 and it has been linked to her grandmother Charlotte Wheeler, but she cannot believe that they are talking about the same woman, so she decides to go back to her family home and have a look in some of the trunks that have been stored in the attic, she leaves very suddenly when someone slams a door and then disappears into thin air. Annie Tillery is about to head to University and is almost done packing when her dad comes for a visit, as they talk about her kitten, Annie makes some coffee, while she is doing this her Auntie comes over to the house as well. When they all have refreshments, Annie’s dad gives her a copy of the letter that her mum received and is dumbfounded and extremely curious at the same time as she doesn’t know a lot about her mum’s side of the family and to now find out that she was an instrumental and important part of World War II it is a lot to take in.

When Carol turns up the next day with the things that she has found in the attic, it is the start of a mystery which they all want to solve and so they start with reading some love letters between Charlotte and her fiance, but as they are studying them, they begin to see that there are little strings of numbers and borders which aren’t normally on the stationary used in the armed forces at the time. They decide to bring Annie’s boyfriend Ty in on the action as he is good with codes and when they do manage to crack it, a whole new piece of the puzzle is revealed and how it connects to the note found in the plane, but it also asks a whole new set of questions as well. As they continue to decode the letters and read through them, they realise that they need more information, so they go back to the attic to look for more clues and when they do, the ghost returns and slams some more doors, this again leads to more important clues to the mystery.

As they find the need to travel more, Ty takes to the air as a newly qualified pilot to take them between their homes, as he is going through the checklists, Annie feels a connection to the plane, as if she has been in one before, despite it being her first time and when they talk to the people on the airfield about what they are finding out, everyone wants to be kept updated on their findings. Will Annie, her family and her boyfriend be able to find out why the plane crashed and what Annie’s great grandmother’s part was in it? This story is full of mystery and intrigue as you unravel the tangled web of clues to find out what really happened to the downed plane and why, a great read for all ages.

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