In Plain Sight (The Broken Bow Book 3) by Ashley A. Quinn – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

In Plain Sight (Broken Bow Book #3)In Plain Sight by Ashley A Quinn
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Rayna Nydert is a beautiful woman with a successful business growing and selling produce to the locals and in nearby farmers markets, but recently has been full of regret and shame over her part in putting a close friend in danger and Thomas Archer is not letting her forget it easily, and although they once dated, those feelings are well in their past and neither one knows how to deal with that, so they just push each other away, but for different reasons, that is until Rayna finds a young man in one of her fields, he is injured and terrified, but agrees to her help, although he refuses to go to a hospital and this is when she calls in Thomas who albeit is a veterinarian, he has had some medical training on humans as well and this is where everything changes.

As Rayna brings the young man into her home, she tries to talk to him while she is apprehensive waiting for Thomas to arrive and take a look at him and she can tell when he does that this is the last thing that he wants. As he starts to talk to them, he tells them his name and that he has been running with his wounds for three days and that he would rather die than go back to where he was, he has tried to leave before, but he always ended up back with the Smiths. This shocks the two of them and as he takes a look at the injuries, but when the kid announces that he doesn’t know how old he is or even what year it is, it is almost more than Rayna can bear, but the three sit down and eat something while they figure out what to do. Rayna insists that the kid should stay with her, but Thomas isn’t keen on the idea and decides that he will stay as well, but as he hasn’t anything prepared and the kid has nothing but the dirty clothes on his back, Thomas makes a couple of pit stops at home and the local bog name chain store to get supplies. While Rayna unpacks the shopping in the kitchen Thomas takes the clothes and toiletries up to Rayna’s spare room where the kid is just coming out of the shower and when he offers to “pay” for the clothes, the reality hits home of exactly what this kid has been through.

The next morning, the three of them start to have more of a conversation over breakfast and it is apparent just how much this kid has missed out on, but Rayna and Thomas are determined to keep him safe, but in the end they agree that in the end, the decision is up to him, albeit with a few notes of encouragement from Rayna. After a few days where he starts to settle in, the secret comes out and their families find out what has happened and this is where a very quiet investigation is begun into where the kid was being kept, who was doing it and why, but this brings danger to their front doorsteps and things start to go wrong, but things also start to go right as Rayna and Thomas finally start to open up to each other as they grown to know the kid as well. Will Thomas and Rayna be able to keep the kid safe while trying to figure out how to bring down those who hurt him, or will the trail run deeper than anyone expects? This is a thrilling race against time as the group has to find out who is behind everything before the danger comes calling, all the while some of the relationships are strengthened throughout the trying time.

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