In Plain Sight ( The Broken Bow Book 3) by Ashley A Quinn – Review by Sara Shalovelo

In Plain Sight (Broken Bow Book #3)In Plain Sight by Ashley A Quinn
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‘In Plain Sight’ is a brilliantly written, quick paced story, right from the first chapter. I thought I would be able to put it down but my hands were glued to it, right until the last page. This is also the third book in the series by Ashley A. Quinn.
It starts off, 12 years earlier, with Rayna and Thomas trying to figure out their future. It goes from bad to worse and thus, 12 years later, they are on different roads and non speaking terms. Rayna, who is working the farm of her dreams, discovers a young viciously beaten teen in one of her fields. She took one look at him and decided to take him in and swallow her pride and ask for help – help from none other than Thomas.
There was many opportunities for crazy and wild conflict but instead the story took more a ‘who done it’ and internal conflict approach. Which actually fit the story and the characters much better.
Ashley A. Quinn has really created something special here. This story is more than just about two people that refuse to admit they still love each other. It is about survival, putting others first, friendship, right and wrong and, of course, there is a dash of romance. It truly was an amazing read and I highly recommend too.

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April 11th, 2021

Sara Shalovelo

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