Ocean’s Light (Blood of the Pirate BOOK 1) by Mina Chara – Review by Elizabeth Sanchez

The Ocean's LightThe Ocean’s Light by Mina Chara
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The Ocean’s Light is the first book in the new series Blood of the Pirate, by Mina Chara. I have read her Hero High series, and enjoyed it, but this book is so much different. It is really different from anything I have ever read. It kind of reminded me of Pirates of the Caribbean. There is a lot of adventure, with three different crews fighting over a map to reach the most important treasure of all, the Ocean’s Light. Evie is stuck in the middle of it all, with all 3 crews fighting over her, as it was her map to start with. There is Captain Rama’s crew, with first mates Slim and Bulk, who became somewhat of friends to Evie. There is Captain Hammer, and his crew of sons, which seem to always be after Rama’s ship. And then Captain Luna, who is a soldier, trying to recover the map for his queen. There is so much going on, action packed adventure on every page. Evie may be an orphan child, but she is tough, and cleaver. The supporting characters have vivid descriptions, allowing the reader to envision them all and ‘watch’ the story unfold. This book is a YA, geared toward teens, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, in my 30s. Well done Chara.

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