On Viking Seas (The Forerunner, Book 3) by Jay Veloso Batista – Review by Jules Herbert

On Viking Seas (Forerunner Series)On Viking Seas by Jay Veloso Batista
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

On Viking Seas from the Forerunner series By Jay Veloso Batista is a vivid, creative and well written novel by a truly talented Author. Every step of the story that the Author takes us on is carefully crafted to make us feel like we are truly IN the story with the characters. The story is told from various characters points of view which I think adds to the readers connectivity with the story.

I do feel however, that my experience would have definitely been further enhanced had I read the previous books in the series. So I suggest if you love well written characters and an action packed story told and therefore experienced from multiple points of view then this wonderful novel and series is definitely for you! Do yourself a favour and start at the beginning!

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