The Way to Storey by L. B. Anne

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The Way to Storey by L. B. Anne
Genre – Middle Grade Fantasy
Page Count – 149 pages
Cover Designer – Candi Marshall
Lou has always known her family is different. They are not from earth but from a magical, mysterious place called Storey. Growing up under her grandfather’s care and guidance, she has yearned to know more about this enigmatic place. Unfortunately, her frantic internet searches, instead of bringing up satisfactory answers, warn her enemies. When a group of people seeking entry to Storey abducts her grandfather and pursues her, Lou has to leave her home. To reach the magical land, she needs to follow the birds. But how will she succeed in her quest when all the birds seemed to have disappeared overnight?


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L. B. Anne is best known for her Sheena Meyer book series about a girl with a special gift and a destiny that can save the world. L. B. Anne lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida with her husband and is a full-time author, speaker, and mental health advocate. When she’s not inventing new obstacles for her diverse characters to overcome, you can find her reading, playing bass guitar, running on the beach, or downing a mocha iced coffee at a local cafe while dreaming of being your favorite author.

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