The Web of Humanity by Maria Turchin

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The Web of Humanity by Maria Turchin
Genre – historical fiction, women’s fiction, contemporary fiction
Anna Venu of Arizona can be very cunning, perceptive, and witty. She’s going to need every one of those traits to survive the journey she is about to embark on after the accidental discovery of a surprising family secret. Anna departs on a thrilling adventure across Vienna, Paris, and Berlin to unravel a mystery that takes her back to the final blood-soaked days of WWII.
Anna quickly finds herself in over her head when her quest unexpectedly throws her into a modern-day European political conspiracy. When Anna becomes the target, she needs to use all her skills and determination to uncover the truth and stay alive.
Told in a unique storytelling style, this book stretches across several generations and time periods with unexpected turns and events throughout.
Alongside Anna, readers are forced to question the psychological need for aggression, racism, the abuse of power, and the unstoppable human drive for war. This book urges readers to discover the stories of their own lineage while echoing that we are all connected through the Web of Humanity, our only hope for survival.



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Maria Turchin is a researcher and advocate focused on human rights. Born in Ukraine, Maria grew up in Brooklyn, New York hearing about her great grandfather’s experience serving as the head of the Red Army’s 47th division field hospital on the first Belarusian front during World War II, and later as the Chief Surgeon of the Soviet sector of occupied Berlin.

Maria holds a BA in Psychology from Arizona State University and a Master of Public Policy and a Master of Social Welfare from UC Berkeley. She currently lives in Santa Monica.




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