Wolf’s Beautiful Beast (The Untold Stories Book 3) by Suzanna Lynn – Review by Kerry Carr

Wolf's Beautiful Beast (The Untold Stories, #3)Wolf’s Beautiful Beast by Suzanna Lynn
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This is the 3rd  book in The Untold Stories series and I loved it. The characters are amazingly written and I love seeing my favourite story characters in a completely different way. The stories are retold and engaging but they never lose the magic that makes them classics.

In this book we are back with Red, Rapunzel and Lycus continuing the adventure to get to Oz and defeat the wicked witch.

This time the story revolves around Lycus and his life as a wolf. The beautiful twist to it is the story of Beauty and the Beast that is woven into this book. However it isn’t the story as we know it and it is a beautiful recreation that fits perfectly into this book.

When Red, Rapunzel and Lycus end up shipwrecked and taken in by the King and Queen things take a turn for the worst when the village think Lycus is the beast that had been terrifying their village. Looking to prove them wrong he sets out to find the beast and rescue the King and Queens daughter. What is doesn’t realise is things aren’t that simple and that there are focuses working against him that you don’t even think would happen.

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