Love Unexpected by Marina Hanna – Review by Angela Hayes

Love UnexpectedLove Unexpected by Marina Hanna
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4.5 Stars


Love Unexpected by Marina Hanna is a wonderful contemporary romance that completely captivated me right from the very first page. This is a little office romance about finding love unexpectedly- with a little sprinkling of drama and angst to add some tension and keep things interesting.
Jules is out with friends enjoying a few drinks when she notices a devastatingly handsome man across the room, eyes locked, with magnetic chemistry swirling between them. The charged evening ends when the stranger unexpectedly bestows her with the best kiss of her life. She can’t stop thinking about him and the electrifying kiss they shared. Never expecting to see him again, imagine her shock when she turns up to her new job a few days later to discover that he’s her new boss. Things are about to get interesting. Will they be able to resist their attraction and keep things professional? Or will they succumb to desire? Add a little angst and drama- and get set for an awesome ride!
This is my first book by Marina Hanna, and after reading this I am happy to say that it definitely won’t be the last. I am really looking forward to exploring more of her work asap!
I am happy to recommend this book- it is well worth the read!

Thank you, Marina Hanna!


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