Myths & Legends: An Indie Love Anthology – Review by Jennifer Gordon

Myths & LegendsMyths & Legends by Laura Greenwood
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this collection of stories each one by a different Indie author and all based on myths, legends and love. There are stories about, knights, dragons, mythical creatures, curses, magical moments and dashing quests for love. The Anthology includes tales about Egyptian Gods, stories from Arthurian legend and Robin Hood to tales of myths and Hades. There really is a story for everyone in this ‘Indie Love Anthology’. I enjoyed reading all the stories and have discovered some new authors but one of my favourite stories was, ‘Dragon’s Heart’ by Carrie Austin Malone. Set in Wales, the authors descriptive narrative really brings the setting and the characters to life which made me feel engaged in the story from start to finish.

Dragon shifter Geraint lives in ‘Tref Dreigiau’ along with his brothers and is a guardian of ‘Dragon Town’, a refuge for people with Dragon blood and who are hunted by a secret society. This society wants to bring back Dragons and use them as weapons. A dragon has a ‘Mate’ who they can wait centuries for and Geraint is hoping he will find his. Meanwhile, Mary has been dreaming about dragons and is a ‘dragonmate’. On her twenty first  birthday her dream changes and she dreams of a man alone in a cell being tortured. This man haunts her dreams and through them talks to her of a future together. When she starts to hear him when she’s awake she can not refuse when he asks her to find him and help him. This is a wonderfully written love story featuring dragon shifters and their mates. Geraint and Mary are both likeable characters and I enjoyed following their love story and reading how they found each other through the Mate bond. I was hooked from page one of this story and felt the storyline flowed well and the plot had plenty of drama along with the romance.

I recommend this whole Anthology as an enjoyable and engaging read and perfect for some escapism into fantasy, myths and legends.

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