Try Right (Aloha Series book 3) by Jill Brashear – Review by Cora-Lyne Ethier

Try Right: A Friends to Lovers Romance (Aloha Series Book 3)Try Right: A Friends to Lovers Romance by Jill Brashear
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved the characters in this novel. You get very attached to them and feel their passion and love in the pages. When they go angry I could feel it and hear myself thinking “Chill out buddy”, the passion ignited on every page. Claudia was trying to hard to force something that shouldnt have been that she almost missed out on what she actually needed.
This story is a great example of not always getting what you think you want but there being a greater universe out there pointing you in the direction of something you need in your life.
This was a big life lesson book for me, teaching you to see whats in front of you and not always thinking things could be better if only…
Claudia and Champ are so perfect, they are opposites attract throughout the whole story but in the end what makes them who they are is very similar and so endearing.
This book taught me a few things from “back in the day” what they did in certain situations that is so different from us now that we kind of forget it ever used to be like that. As well as some history/ knowledge about Hawaii I did not have.
I recommend this book to anyone who wants a happily ever after , predictable ending, amazing love story novel.

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