Try Right (Aloha Series book 3) by Jill Brashear – Review by Lauren Schnoebelen

Try RightTry Right by Jill Brashear
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


Claudia thought she got the life and career she has been dreaming about for years now but then a scandal places her on Hollywood’s blacklist, her options are limited. When a small role is offered to her on a not so well known show, she has to take it. Lucky for her though, it’s filmed in Hawaii and she can use this opportunity to rebuild her career, find herself again, and maybe even find the love of her life she hasn’t been able to stop thinking about since her trip to Hawaii right after high school.

I really enjoyed a good portion of this book and the setting of Hawaii in the 1960s was so much fun. Henry was probably my favorite character in the book but he still let me down at times though he made up for it in the end. My biggest issue and what really prevented me from giving this 4 stars but the misogyny in the book. Yes I 100% understand it provided the conflict for the book and I did enjoy getting the male perspective in this a lot but it pulled me out of the story so quickly with some of the comments from the male characters. I appreciated though that the author really tried to balance it out with things like having the Feminine Mystique laying around in Claudia’s dressing room or the comments around her struggling to deal with men using her to get ahead and how the same action can positively impact a man’s career while harming a woman’s. Overall I think this was a really fun book, especially for summer, and I could get behind the romance. Would definitely consider giving the other books in the series a try (which i believe are all stand alones but all located in Hawaii?).

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