Bound by Secrets (Deadly Isles Special Ops Series Book 2) by Amy McKinley – Review by Amanda Lundin

Bound by Secrets (Deadly Isles Special Ops, #2)Bound by Secrets by Amy McKinley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This quick, addicting, emotional rollercoaster of a book hit me right in the feels-and I mean in all the feels. I was angry, cried tears of sorrow, cried tears of happiness, followed by more tears of grieving acceptance, then throw in a bit of intrigue, compassion, and more tears for good measure.

Amy wrote a fantastic book layered with genius plot lines so simply laid out and well executed that the story came out seamlessly. It seems strange to recommend a book about an abused woman on the run that seeks help from her deceased brother’s best friend (that has family ties with special ops) to overcome her abuse, secrets of the past, and dangers of the future; oh and let’s not forget that because the author plays expertly on your heartstrings, you’ll cry, a lot, but here we are The book was splendid.

Great books like this transport you to another place and allow you to see and feel what the characters are experiencing. They can even leave an impact on you and maybe remind you that life can be short so make it sweet. I’m so impressed with this author’s abilities, I can’t wait to binge read the next book in the series.

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