Dirty Tactics (Special Weapons & Tactics Book 1) AUDIO BOOK by Peyton Banks – Review by Kayla Octaviano


Listen to this book! I was hooked from the beginning! S.W.A.T. Sergeant Marcus MacArthur is as hot as it gets. You love a man in uniform? LISTEN TO THIS BOOK! He’s a badass, and he knows it too. So, of course, he draws the attention of his new neighbor Sarena, a nurse in the emergency room at the hospital. They both work funky hours, they both work adrenaline filled jobs, I’ve never seen a couple more made for each other. But there are downfalls to these careers they’ve picked, and this book shows those very clearly. Can they make it through these dilemmas? Or will they die trying? If you like well written books narrated by people who bring the characters to life, listen to this book. If you like steamy romance scenes that you’ll want to listen to again, listen to this book. If you like twists and action, listen to this book. Basically, listen to this book. It’s amazing and worth the time.

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