I’ll See You Again (Reigning Hearts, Book Four) AUDIO BOOK by KG Fletcher – Review by Carly Vogler

I’ll See You Again by K.G. Fletcher is book number 4 in the Reigning Hearts Series. It can be read as a standalone (I did), but if the others in the series are as great, I will be buying them!!

First of all, I think it is amazing that the author narrated her own story. I’ve listened to quite a few audiobooks and never come across one where the author did it themselves.

When big city stardom meets small town girl, the attraction is undeniable. The best loves are the unplanned ones, right? Unfortunately, you can’t always have the girl and the dream job. Nicky has her own plans and goals, and they don’t line up with Reid Macphersons. When he has
to leave Nicky behind, all is up in the air. Will they find each other again, or will their chance encounter turn into the one that got away?

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