Sons of Sindicato (Sons of Sindicato ) by Cam Johns & Sonya Jesus – Review by Jessica Phillips

Sons of Sindicato (Sons of Sindicato #0)Sons of Sindicato by Cam Johns
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I absolutely loved this novella! Sons of Sindicato by Sonya Jesus & Cam Johns is a captivating suspense filled novella to start off the Sons of Sindicato series and I couldn’t help but fall in love with Braelynn and Seth!

Braelynn is a successful criminal defense attorney who put everything she has into her career. And it could all be lost in a blink of an eye. Not only is she having a secret affair with a client but she just committed murder. Surely that would get you disbarred.

Seth is the son of the leader of the Sindicato. He finds himself needing a good attorney to help get him out of the trouble he was in and man did she do her job! But from the beginning, Braelynn had his attention and he’s not sure that’s a great idea considering how his family fells about it. But he’s willing to do anything for her. He would even help cover up a murder. Will he go as far as walking away from his family?

This was an amazing story. Yes, I do wish it would have really gone into their story more but wow did it pack a punch! I will be adding Sonya & Cam as my list of “must-read” authors!

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