The Divine Devils: Mystery Suspense Crime Thriller: Book 1 by R. Weir – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

The Divine Devils: Book OneThe Divine Devils: Book One by R Weir
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Hunter Divine is an ex US Marshall with a past full of the good, the bad and the ugly, but thanks to a mistake and a boss who threw him under the bus and blamed him for it, his career ended and now he is job and bed hopping to get by and to keep the memories of that tragic time away, but he isn’t succeeding as well as he hoped, that is until he gets a call from an ex who is in a spot of trouble and need his help. Paige Hawkins is the CEO of a green energy company, with a loving husband and two kids, however, recently, those kids are in danger, there have been two attempts at kidnapping them, each more risky than the last and in which the security detail she had hired were injured. This is why she feels that Hunter is the only one who will be able to protect her kids from this unknown threat. Despite their past history and how it finished, she knows he is the right man for the job, so she asks him to come to see her and see what he can do.

Hunter arrives in Colorado Springs and heads to see Paige and her husband to get more details about the previous abduction attempts and is shocked to hear how they have escalated and after having a minor interrogation of his own, he leaves it up to them to decide whether he is hired to do the job or not, after they have agreed to, he speaks to the Detective in charge of the case to see if he can enlighten him on any other details before contacting the members he wants on his team and going to collect them. As expense is no option for the Hawkins, he uses their private jet so they can speed up the process and it is a good job they do when a third attempt is made at the family’s home. Fortunately, one of the team had already arrived and the Detective as well as another cop were on the scene, although they were taken down, Hunter and two other members of the team arrive and stop the kidnapping in progress.

The next day the final team member arrives and a plan is put into place, Hunter asks for a list of the parents possible enemies and has a member of his team on each member of the family while he investigates possible leads both with and without the Detective, although some of his methods are not the policeman’s preferred ones. As the days pass and more leads are followed, will Hunter and his team be able to work out who is behind the kidnapping attempts and why, or will the past repeat itself and Hunter find himself in another lose-lose situation? As the lines between good and bad blur the Divine Devils race against time to stop the kidnapper with endless resources using plenty of teamwork and making the hard decisions, but whether they are positive or negative remains to be seen. This is a thrilling mystery which is full of action as the investigation proceeds and suspects are run down, which will keep you reading to find out how it ends.

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