Avenging Devil Part 2 (Satan’s Devils MC San Diego #4) by Manda Mellett – Review by Debi Kircher

Avenging Devil Part 2: Satan's Devils MC San DiegoAvenging Devil Part 2: Satan’s Devils MC San Diego by Manda Mellett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Avenging Devil Part 2 (Satan’s Devils MC San Diego #4) by Manda Mellett

5 ++++ stars

WOW, this was the most intense story told over two books that I’ve read in a long time. It was suspenseful, hard to read at times, sad, fun, loving, surprising, action packed and all out awesome! I love every book in every series of the Satan’s Devils, but these last two were different in a way that had so much going on and I was fully invested in every aspect. From the clubs coming together, from never being sure about UTAH and now LOVING them, the strong family aspect which for me was strengthened in this story and absolutely not being able to put the books down. It’s still hard to call any of them my favorites because every word of every book of every series is part of one of the best MC stories ever!
This one had me closing my eyes and trying to unread some of what was happening because it was that intense. I love that this author isn’t afraid to show the intensity of what is happening in the scenes even if they are hard to read.
I can not find a way to sum up this story, I just finished it so my thoughts are everywhere and Niran and Saffie? They will forever be one of my favorite couples ever. I truly already want to go back and read these 2 books again.
I can not recommend high enough that the Satan’s Devils stories that started way way back in Turning Wheels which introduced us to the Mother Chapter be read in order. There are so many reasons for this. These last 2 books which are part of the San Diego chapter made me literally fall in love with another chapter that I had been struggling with from its own series. These characters overlap, popping up in just about every book even if only mentioned. It’s a lot, and this author somehow someway keeps it all straight and in turn helps the reader keep it all straight. It’s amazing!

I will read every one of these someday, somehow back to back all over again!


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