Bad Man on Campus (Big Men on Campus Book 3) by Stephanie Queen – Review by Kerry Carr

Bad Man on Campus (Big Men on Campus #3)Bad Man on Campus by Stephanie Queen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the 3rd book in the Bad Man on Campus Series. This is ok to read as a standalone alone which is what I have done.I found this story really sad and heartbreaking at times. But a good story through all the pain.
The author does a good job with the characters.
Glory has had a really hard time in her life. With an incident that happened in her past it sent her on a downward spiral, and when the love of her life left that was when she turned to drink to cope.

3 years later she is on the road to recovery from the trauma and also her alcoholism. Things are better and when Kace arrives back in her life this could be their second chance.

Kace  left to deal with his own problems and his need for distance from everyone he knows to move forward. Now after a successful time as a hockey champion he has returned to get back the woman he loves. However time has changed and Kace’s reputation as player means that the couple will have a lot of hills to overcome if they are going to be together. Hills and obstacles put in their way from the past and the present.
Are Kace  and Glory strong enough this time around to get through them and revive their love. Or will too much have happened and things not been forgive will that eventually tear them apart.

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