Houses of Deception (The Madeline Dawkins Mystery Series Book 6) by Cynthia Hamilton

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Houses of Deception (The Madeline Dawkins Mystery Series Book 6) by Cynthia Hamilton
Genre – Mystery, Detective, Suspense
Page Count – 354 pages

Three missing persons.
Two private investigators.
And two cases that are anything but what they seem.
The MDPI team agrees to join forces with former nemesis Russell Barnett to find Dylan Latham, the son of the man who lost his life while working to save Madeline’s.
The investigation turns into a hunt for two twenty-somethings who’ve disappeared without a trace, starting at the home of land rich Cat Kingman, an eccentric woman in her late-70s. Madeline and Mike soon find themselves wading through a shameful past for clues as they scramble to save two young lives.
A frantic early-morning phone call from a client of Madeline’s Current Affairs event enterprise propels the detectives down a rabbit hole as a missing person case turns into a kidnapping for ransom.
Now juggling two cases, Madeline and Mike can’t afford to waste any time. But as they dive deeper into both investigations, red flags and gut feelings cause them to question whether the people they’re searching for are really innocent victims—or guilty parties responsible for orchestrating sinister plots.
As they navigate ransom drops, stolen art, and extortion schemes, the two cases prove to be more complicated than either investigator can imagine.
What lies will unravel if they find Dylan, Paige, and Tara? And what secrets will stay hidden if they don’t?
Houses of Deception is the sixth installment in the Madeline Dawkins series.


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Cynthia Hamilton started writing 2000 as a means of coping with a mystery illness that was finally diagnosed as Late-Stage Lyme Disease nine years after the onset. Writing has been her lifeline and a way to channel that overly-active inner voice. That horrible disease turned out to be a blessing in disguise, giving her a career she never imagined for herself, one that never gets old.


As of 2021, she has 13 books to her credit, 11 which are in print. She is currently working on the 7th book in the Madeline Dawkins Mystery Series, “Other People’s Money.” She lives in Santa Barbara, California with her husband of 41 years. She loves reading, writing and walking for hours, especially on the beach. She considers herself immensely fortunate.

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