Remember My Name (Remember My Name Series Book 1) by Laurencia Hoffman – Review by Naomi McDonald

Remember My Name (Remember My Name #1)Remember My Name by Laurencia Hoffman
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Remember My Name is the first book in the Remember My Name series. This was not the reading experience I expected. This book is marketed as suspense, but I didn’t feel like it was suspenseful at all. I feel like it’s more of a dark, angsty romance because the main character has a haunted past. I had what I’m guessing was supposed to be the suspenseful part figured out within the first few chapters.

Now, I LOVE a dark, angsty m/m romance, so I tried to get into this book despite the mis-marketing, but I couldn’t get emotionally involved with the characters until over half-way through. There wasn’t a good emotional build up at the beginning.

Another thing that was a bit distracting was the choppy way the scene breaks came up. It didn’t flow well, so there were times I had to take a minute to figure out where they were or what was going on. And the overall story was a bit slow in places.

Also, the book ends abruptly after only 13 chapters. It is unclear whether or not the author meant for it to be a cliffhanger. There isn’t really any closure to the story. I read the description of book two in order to try to see if there was a hint that it was continuing, but based on what I read, it looks like book two has a completely different set of characters. Basically, it left me confused as to the authors choice of ending the story where it ended. I’m wondering if maybe there was supposed to be more and it just didn’t get uploaded?

Something I did like about the story is that the main character had people around him who were truly trying to support him no matter how much he pushed them away.

This story had a lot of potential and I really wanted to like it more than I did. Maybe book two will be more satisfying. I’ll give it a try, just in case.

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